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YOLA National Chamber Orchestra 2023

About this Artist

Violin 1

Miguel Cano BYSO Intensive Community Program
Gisele Francisco Boston String Academy
Sokki Laurent ProjectStep
Paula Morales South Strings Program
Gabriela Orozco Mora South Strings Program
Isabella Sarria Miami Music Project
Sergio Shigyo Miami Arts Studio 6-12 @ Zelda Glazer Orchestra
Amy Vargas Romero YOLA at Torres
Kevin Zhang Romig Middle School Band in Anchorage School District

Violin 2

Miguel Bello South Strings Program
Ellisah Catten Tuned In - Peabody Institute
Eleazar Farias Miami Music Project
Brenda Hernandez Harmony Project Phoenix
Tahlia Jordan Greater Miami Youth Symphony
Mika Liu Boston String Academy
Gabriel Merchan Ferreira New Jersey Symphony CHAMPS
Ben Park SOUNDS Academy
Tyler Pickett Soundscapes Inc.


Denisse Arriola Ramirez BRAVO Youth Orchestras
Gilbert Ballesteros Arcadia Orchestras
Jasmine Cabello Intempo
Mirabelle Duguid Juilliard Music Advancement Program (MAP)
Richard Fang Boston String Academy
Genesis Hernandez YOLA at EXPO Center
Hillary Parada-Melgar YOLA at EXPO Center
Angelina Stlouis BYSO Intensive Community Program


Diana Godoy YOLA at Torres
CJ Klinman Boston String Academy
David Martell Miami Arts Studio 6-12 @ Zelda Glazer Orchestra
Vera Muller San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory
Sarai Paz YOLA at HOLA
Nile Solomon Koart Academy
Aaron Soto ProjectStep
Adelaide Terwilliger Grow Music Missoula


Lila Conde YOLA at Camino Nuevo
Quadiar Dunn Opportunity Music Project
Malakai James BRAVO Youth Orchestras
Andres Sanchez YOLA at Camino Nuevo
Rudy Santos YOLA at HOLA
Madeline Maldonado Youth Orchestras of San Antonio (YOSA)


Angel Reverol Accelerando (Nashville Symphony)
Emory Small BRAVO Youth Orchestras
Yige Zhou Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association


Natalie Cruz YOLA at HOLA
Ayde Diaz YOLA at Torres
Vanessa Ruiz YOLA at EXPO Center


Eduardo Bustillos Youth Enlightenment System (YES)
Surya Krishnan Juilliard Music Advancement Program (MAP)
Zakyya McClenny Play On, Philly!
Diego Salgado YOLA at Torres


Rayginald Bretous BYSO Intensive Community Program
Elijah Ringle The People's Music School, Youth Orchestras
Ricky Sunderman YOLA at Torres
Anthony Villa YOLA at HOLA

French Horn

Owen Giddings Santa Barbara Youth Symphony
Lillian Maldonado Youth Orchestras of San Antonio (YOSA)
Corinne Montenora Juilliard Music Advancement Program (MAP)
Jacobo Sion Juarez YOLA at Camino Nuevo
Lillian Walker Colburn


William Deibert BRAVO Youth Orchestras
Samantha Hirschfeld Juilliard Music Advancement Program (MAP)
Tabor Negash Play On, Philly!
Alma Perez Diaz Youth Enlightenment System (YES)


Melissa Cortez BRAVO Youth Orchestras
Mya Hill Play On, Philly!
Owen Small BRAVO Youth Orchestras
Ezequiel Sanchez BYSO Intensive Community Program
Raphael Zhu Juilliard Music Advancement Program (MAP)


Sebastian Chang Union City Music Project (UCMP)
Ruben Isai Hernandez San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory
Cadence Marmet YOLA at Torres
Trinity Robinson Play On, Philly!