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Maria I. Garcia

About this Artist

Maria I. Garcia (she/her) is a BFA graduate from the University of Florida. She began her dance training with Michelle Grant-Murray at Miami-Dade College. Maria’s undergrad consisted of being the Fall of 2019 choreographer in residence at the HARN Museum, being a teacher assistant for Afro-Brazilian classes, and assisting with the yearly African show Agbedidi. Aside from her undergrad dance classes, Maria was the assistant director for the Zafire Ladies salsa team. Now a Los Angeles-based artist she is an apprentice with Contra-Tiempo Activist Dance theater and a guest

teacher at Valley College teaching Latin Social and Salsa Dance. Maria is a Latina creator, performer, and educator that seeks to bring communities together through movement, visual arts, and live music. She works within a space that is driven by her Latine roots and the cultural, spiritual, and emotional ties in the world around us. Her main goal is to supply access to the arts for underserved communities, sharing the joy of movement creativity, and community.

IG: @beingme_mari