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Mervin Primeaux-O'Bryant

About this Artist

Mervin Primeaux-O'Bryant is a visionary artist from Lafayette, Louisiana. He has become a symbol of resilience and creativity, rising from the vibrant energy of the Moving South School of Performing Arts. Mervin's journey through the performing arts has been nothing short of extraordinary. His unparalleled commitment to excellence led him to refine his craft at the prestigious Model Secondary for the Deaf in Washington DC, where he trained under the tutelage of luminaries from the esteemed Alvin Ailey School and Dance Theater of Harlem. Mervin has traveled all over the world showcasing his work through dance and music at festivals, conferences, and local events. As a true polymath, he has etched his mark as a prolific writer, director, producer, and choreographer, leaving an indelible imprint on esteemed institutions such as MSSD, Quest Visual Theatre, and the San Antonio Deaf Dance Company.

Notably, He serves as the co-producer of Hidden Gem, a groundbreaking Feature Docuseries film in collaboration with TeddyBoy Films & Entertainment. The film ignites a transformative narrative that redefines representation in the entertainment industry. He also manages his company, MPO Foundation, and serves on the board as co-founder of Def Lens Media. Some of Mervin's credits include Cinderella (Marie/Fairy Godmother), ZACH Theatre Choreographer Assistance, The Music Man (Maude Dunlap/Cast), and Helen Hayes Awards 2023 The Music Man The Best Ensemble. Additionally, he played a lead role in the feature film Gladys Knight & The Pips’ Midnight Train to Georgia, which was featured in Times Square on electronic billboards. He received the Wavy Worthy Award for "Historically excluded talent".

Mervin has worked as an assistant director at Quest Visual Theatre and an ensemble member in VOCA: ISM. He has also appeared in virtual productions such as Deaf Austin Theatre: A Better Place (The Operator), Disconnected: The Musical (Andie/Ensemble), and Deaf Broadway: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Dr. Frank N Furter)

Mervin holds an AA in Dance Performance & Choreography from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Instagram at mervinpobryant and his foundation at mpofoundation.