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Cathy Cooper

About this Artist

Born and raised in La Habra, California, under the guidance of Southern parents who instilled in them a relentless pursuit of curiosity, CATHY COOPER's journey has been a quest to unravel the genius of the world. Through a diverse array of artistic mediums including sculpture, installation work, costume design for dance and film, as well as music composition and performance, Cathy has sought to access the profound beauty and wonder that exists within the mysteries of existence.

Cathy's artistic process is characterized by a boundless exploration, often leading to collaborations with fellow artists, dancers, choreographers, and musicians. Through these partnerships, their work transcends individual boundaries, evolving into something greater, something imbued with an unpredictable and magical essence. In this realm of creativity, Cathy finds a sanctuary where curiosity reigns supreme, guiding them towards ever-deeper realms of inspiration and expression.