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About this Piece

Original recordings released:

This arrangement: 2002

Length: 10 minutes

Orchestration: MCs, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, tuba, 4 saxophones (flute doubles), bassoon, pedal harp, piano, 2 guitars, electric bass, turntables, MPC, percussion, drum kit, and strings that can swing (4 violin, 2 viola, 2 cello parts)

Philadelphia's The Roots are the first live band grown in the petri dish of hip hop, using their instruments to generate sample-like motifs without losing the proper phrasing of the music first generated by machines. MCs Black Thought and Malik B, producer/drummer ?uestlove, bassist Leonard Hubbard, pianists Kamal and Scott Storch, and beatbox maestri Rahzel and Scratch effectively blur the line between sampled and live music. This arrangement draws on "Act Too (The Love Of My Life)," "Concerto Of The Desperado," and "Proceed."

-- Double G

Further listening:

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