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About this Piece

What is the outstanding quality of Hilary Hahn, who has at such a young age joined the ranks of the prominent stars of contemporary interpretational art? When one hears her live, on the station “Mezzo,” or on numerous YouTube videos, one comprehends that she is marked by a formidable level of energy. Her interpretations shine with sunny, joyfully colorful emotions; her playing is gripping and thrilling to hear. This young violinist copes with technical difficulties as if she came from another planet, giving virtuoso interpretations of the most complex pieces in the violin repertoire. This deep impression provided the first impetus, the first impulse to write a piece dedicated to her – a piece expressing youthful impetuosity and determination. The slow middle section embodies a sudden memory of childhood – pure visions. But then a storm grabs hold of the movement anew, impetuously driving it to a brilliant, bravura finale, as befits a piece with the title Encore for Hilary Hahn.