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About this Piece

As a child, I wanted to become a dancer, irresistibly drawn to the Paris Opera, while Benjamin dreamed of being a pianist, before becoming the great dancer and choreographer we know. For lack of talent, I did not pursue classical dance.

The piano welcomed me with open arms. Benjamin and I met a few years ago, Place des Vosges, in Paris. That day, the idea germinated in us of a residency at the Opera, during which I would have given concerts and participated in a few ballets inspired by the piano repertoire.

Time has passed; today, our paths cross again in a more intimate project, that of a face-to-face relationship between our two forms of art. If Benjamin’s entire work is deeply linked to music, I believe I can say that my playing would not be what it is today without my years of barre and physical discipline as a child, and my passion for dance constantly renewed.

―Alexandre Tharaud, September 2021