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  • Los Angeles Philharmonic Announces the Contract Extension of Music Director Gustavo Dudamel Through the 2018/19 Centennial Season
  • Feb. 3, 2011
  • Los Angeles Philharmonic Association Chair David Bohnett and President Deborah Borda today announced the extension of Music Director Gustavo Dudamel’s contract through the 2018/19 centennial season of the orchestra. His original contract as Music Director commenced in the 2009/10 season for a 5-year term. Dudamel announced his continuing commitment to the musicians following their second concert in Budapest on the orchestra’s current 7-city tour of Europe.

    David Bohnett commented, "We are thrilled with Gustavo’s decision to remain at the LA Phil through our centennial season. In partnership with Gustavo and the orchestra, the Board will continue to make significant investments in Gustavo's unique artistic vision, as well as our comprehensive music education program, YOLA, and our groundbreaking live theatercasts, LA Phil LIVE."

    President and CEO Deborah Borda added, “In both his unique synergy with our musicians and his connection to the children of YOLA and to our audiences, his passion and joy have created a beautiful extended family. His embrace of the LA Phil’s ‘tradition of the new’ drives us powerfully as an institution of the 21st century which is integrated into the fabric of Los Angeles.”

    Chairman of the Orchestra Committee Peter Rofé stated, “As I said recently during our toast at Gustavo’s 30th birthday party, the musicians want him to be our Music Director for at least another 30 years. So this is a very good start. We are profoundly pleased with this news.”

    Dudamel stated, “The connection I feel to the musicians and leadership of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and to the city of Los Angeles is special. It is our aspiration to build something new, something that takes us towards a brighter future for music, for education, for young people, for the community, for the sensibility of our society and their interactions with one another - music is at the core of everything we do. It is beautiful to see the orchestra inspired by our music making and sharing that music making with the entire community.”


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