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  • Sep. 21, 2020




    Four multidisciplinary programs explore the intersection of music, art, dance and social justice in Native, Black, Latinx and Diasporic Communities


    New digital series as part of The Ford’s online virtual season


    Ford Digital Festivals are curator-led virtual programs offering an in-depth exploration of a single theme through multi-disciplinary performances, workshops and conversations combined into a multi-hour video production. Video programs will be accompanied by other online offerings, including films, DJ sets and virtual marketplaces where you can support local craftspeople and makers. Festivals will be hosted on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and at


    Solidarity for Sanctuary


    Co-curated by grassroots organizers Solidarity for Sanctuary, the festival brings together prominent Latinx artists, including a world premiere collaboration between Omar Apollo and members of the LA Phil, Las Cafeteras, Lido Pimienta, San Cha and La Doña, and poet Yosimar Reyes, among others, to celebrate Selena, the Queen of Tejano music, and draw attention to the importance of voting, immigrant rights, and Black and Brown solidarity.



    Living Resistance


    Co-curated by Todo Verde founder Jocelyn Ramirez, Living Resistance explores holistic health in Los Angeles, inviting audiences to learn from the contemporary practitioners and activists who are making strides in the wellness of their communities. Living Resistance offers a dive into the history of community farming and food justice, sharing in activities around physical and mental space, nurturing bodies with nutritious fuel, and finding movement in music, dance, and yoga, every body is invited to participate in creating a sense of home and belonging in a world where self-love, acceptance, and freedom can feel like radical acts of resistance.



    Tovaangar Today


    Tovaangar, now known as Los Angeles, has been a gathering place that has sustained Native artists and culture bearers for generations. Native artists continue to thrive in Tovaangar, using their creativity to assert tribal sovereignty and protect ancestral homelands. Co-curated by Kenny Ramos, Kelly Caballero and Jessa Calderon, Tovaangar Today explores the modern manifestations of Native artistry in the region. While centering the Tongva and other California Nations, the festival also features artists from the local intertribal urban Native diaspora and highlights the connections between art, activism, identity and tribal sovereignty.





    From the Soul Train line to the Banjee Ball to Krumping in silent protest, Black Street and Club Dance in Los Angeles has allowed dancers to occupy space, create community and flip the scripts ascribed to Black bodies in motion. With special focuses on the role of dance in protest movements and the revolutionary depiction of Black identity on Soul Train, Movement/Matters is a day-long celebration of how L.A. dancers have found connection, care, power and potential on the dance floor and in the streets. Co-curated by Tyree Boyd-Pates.




    About The Ford

    The Ford is one of the oldest performing arts venues in Los Angeles, with a 1,200-seat outdoor amphitheater and a rich history dating back to 1920. Situated in a 32-acre Los Angeles County park and under the stewardship of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, The Ford presents an eclectic summer season of music, dance, film, and family events that are reflective of the communities that comprise Los Angeles.


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    About LA Phil Media

    Created at the outset of the COVID-19 crisis, LA Phil Media encompasses the organization’s media projects and digital initiatives, including audio recordings, radio and television broadcasts, online streaming series, digital festivals, and podcasts.


    Play Your Part

    Due to COVID-19, we are unable to bring music to our stages for the first time ever. We ask you to Play Your Part in helping the LA Phil reach that longed-for moment when we will return to Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, and The Ford. Follow this link to see how you can support the LA Phil. Your generosity will directly support our musicians, teachers, students, and staff, ensuring that our community is alive with music, today and always.





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