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You're welcome to bring the following items the the Bowl.  Learn more about our House Rules and Code of Conduct

  • You’re welcome to bring your own food and drink* to the Hollywood Bowl.

  • Bringing alcohol is dependent on the type of event you’re attending. For LA Phil-presented events, feel free to bring wine bottles, wine glasses and beer bottles inside. *For Lease Events, however, alcohol isn’t permitted. Please note the full list of prohibited items for Lease Events below.

  • Container size matters. All containers, picnic baskets and coolers must be able to fit under your seats or within your box. Containers, picnic baskets and coolers measuring more than 15 inches wide, 15 inches high or 22 inches long won’t be allowed past the tickets gate.

The following are prohibited items for ALL EVENTS:

  • Regardless of the event, no kegs of any kind are allowed inside the Hollywood Bowl. Tailgating in the parking lots isn’t permitted either.

  • Weapons are not allowed. 

  • No cameras with detachable or extended lenses.

  • No form of camera stand (including monopods).

  • No selfie sticks.

  • No GoPros or audio/video recording devices.

  • No Drones.

  • No laser pointers or glow sticks.

  • No umbrellas (concerts are performed rain or shine).

  • No electronic devices such as iPads, tablets, and laptops.

  • No chairs.

  • No fireworks.

  • No frisbees.

  • No signs.

  • No beach balls.