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The William Andrews Clark Society was established to recognize those generous individuals who have remembered the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association in their estate plans through their wills or other planned gifts. We are honored to recognize them here.

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* Deceased


Anonymous (2)


Edgar and Lilla Aftergood

Ann* and Martin* Albert

Gizella Allen*

Mr. William A. Allison

Edna R.S. Alvarez

Marie Ambrosino and Doug Peter



Linda and Bob Attiyeh

W. Lee Bailey, M.D.

Paul and Anissa Balson

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Barbee

Ms. Angela Bardowell

Richard Bardowell, M.D.

Donna Barnett

Margaret and David N.* Barry

Mr. Joseph A. Bartush

Ms. Adrienne Bass

Ruth B. Baus*

Sandra Kay Beckley

Judith and Thomas Beckmen

Mr. Herbert M. Berk

Alvin Bisher*

David F. Bode, M.D.

Ms. Anne M. Bodenheimer

David Bohnett

Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Bond

Jonathan and Leni Boorstin

Deborah Borda

Derald and Charlotte Brackmann

Maureen Bratman

Martin J. Brickman

Jacqueline* and Bert* Briskin

Linda and Maynard Brittan

Shirley Brody

Abbott Brown

Mrs. Linda L. Brown



Mr.* and Mrs. Henry K. Cahn

Lois and Rene* Cailliet

Richard and Norma Camp

Tony Campodonico and Cheryl Goettemoeller

Jane Carruthers

Mr. George L. Cassat

Mr. Donald G. Christian

Evelyn and Leonard* Chudacoff

David A. Clark*

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Clauss, Jr.

James Coburn*

Brian and Nancy Cochran

Robert* and Dee* Cody

Nancybell Coe and William Burke

Ms. Jan Turner Colburn

Ms. Annette Colfax

Jan and Gene Corey

Don and Zoe Cosgrove

Ms. Gerry W. Cox

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Cox

Mrs. Judith Tishkoff and Mr. Keith Crasnick

Ginny and John Cushman



Marilyn J. Dale

Ms. Erma D. Darling*

Mr. William L. David

Mr. Daniel Davis

Ms. Juanita Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Day

Dr. and Mrs. Roger DeBard

Richard Del Belso*

Mr. Ronald Del Carlo

Betty Jean and Robert* Di Vall

Mr. James Dillon* and Mr. Allen Cornelsen*

Mr. Paul Dupree and Mr. David Peterson



Margaret* and Jerrold Eberhardt

Mr. and Mrs. Allan R. Eisenman

Ms. Elaine M. Endres

Mr. and Mrs. C. Daniel Ewell



Abraham* and Carolyn* Falick

Mr. Gerald Faris

Ms. Elizabeth Farrar

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis L. Feese

Irving Feintech*

Lawrence and Eris* Field

Dr. Daniel J. Fink

Sandra Krause and William Fitzgerald

Marlene Ann Fletcher

Sandra Forman*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Foster

Valerie Franklin

David Freedman

Eva* and William* Fremon

Arthur* and Gertrude* Friedman

Roy J. Friedman* and Mae C. Friedman

Jill Fulton



Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Galanter

Mr. and Mrs. John O. Garvey

Mr. James Gelb

Dr. Suzanne Gemmell*

Mr. Paul J. Gerstley*

Mr. Richard Giesbret

Arnold Gilberg, M.D.

Malinda and Andrew Gilchrist

Lynn and Sheri J. Gill

Kiki and David I. Gindler

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Glaser

Mr. Jerome J. Glaser

Alexandra S. Glickman and Gayle Whittemore

Paige and David Glickman

Ruth and Charles* Gold

Nicholas T. Goldsborough

Elaine and Bram* Goldsmith

Harold Goldwasser*

Dr. Raymond and Betty* Goodman

Doris* and Reese* Gothie

Mr. David Grant

Peggy and Walter* Grauman

Fay Bettye Green*

Tricia and Richard Grey

Ms. Sharon Griffin-Galamba

Mr. Alan Grunfeld



Ms. Pilar Hale

Richard and Ruth Halverstadt

Burks Hamner, III

Ms. Kay Harland*

Joan Green Harris*

Ms. Janet Harris

Ms. Laura Hecht

Ms. Nita Heimbaugh

Anne and Warner* Heineman

Mr. Bill Heiter

Bud and Barbara Hellman

Dr. Jackson N. Henry

Yvonne and Gordon* Hessler

Mr. Philip Hettema

Ms. Joan E. Hogue

Marcia and Gary Hollander

Joan and John* F. Hotchkis

Judith and Herbert* Hyman

Mr. Christopher W. Ince Jr.

Irving Feintech*

Jay Jazayeri

Robert Jesberg* and Michael J. Carmody

Dr. William B. Jones

Mr.* and Mrs. William H. Jordan




Stephen A. Kanter, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua R. Kaplan

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice H. Katz

Owen and Suzanne Keavney

Hugh Wilson Kennedy*

Paul and Susanne* Kester

Carrie and Stuart Ketchum

Vicki King

Mr. Alan S. Klee

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth N. Klee

Ms. Ann L. Kligman

Richard Kramer*

Kent and Joyce* Kresa

Ms. Ursula C. Krummel

Slyvia Kunin* and Al Eben*

Ms. Sally Kurtzman



Donna and C. Joseph* LaBonté

Diane Landrum

Thomas and Gloria Lang

John and Barbara Larson

Michael and Emily Laskin

Mr. and Mrs. B. Allen Lay

Gayle and Harold* Leventhal

Mr. Alan J. Levi and Mrs. Sondra Currie-Levi

Audrey Davis and Peter Dan Levin

Raymond Lieberman*

Dr. Rahla Frohlich and Thomas Lindsey*

Mr. Steven L. Llanusa and Dr. Glenn Miya

Yuri Long-Jones

Inez Lopez

Karl H. Loring

Ms. Gloria Lothrop*



Ms. Shari Madison

Gertrude and Walter* Maier

Nancy Malone*

Sarah and Ira* Mason

Raulee Marcus

Mr. Elliott Markoff

Ms. Sarah Mason

Mr. Sam Matsumoto and Mr. Gordon Geever

Mr. David Maxwell

Linda May and Jack Suzar

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mazzaferro

Liliane Quon McCain

Mr. Edward V. McCann

Carole McCormac*

Barbara and Buzz McCoy

Olive* and Hugh* McDuffee

Velma and George* McKelvey

Mr. Sheldon and Dr. Linda Mehr

Pierre Menard, M.D.

Mr.* and Mrs. Harold J. Meyerman

Maurice and Diane* Meysenburg

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Miller

Drs. Theodore and Judith Mitrani

Mr. Michel Montet

Jane* and Paul* Moore

Michelle Sanders and Paul Moore

Ronald Moormeister and Mary Mossman

Lynn and Stanley Morris

Maury and Barbara Mortensen

Diane and Leon* Morton

Elise Mudd Marvin*

Merle and Peter Mullin



Bonnie Nash and Don Wing

Myra and Bruce H. Newman

Mrs. Joan Newman

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Noreen



Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Olivarez



Dr. and Mrs. Howard R. Panosian

M. David and Diane Paul

Mr. Carlos Paz

Lenore and Carl Pearlston

Byron* and Louise Peebles

Debra Pelton and Jon Johannessen

Nancy* and Sidney Petersen

Ms. Susan Polifronio

Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Portnoy

Sandy and Barry D. Pressman

Victoria and Earl* Pushee



Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Quiett



Sally* and Frank* Raab

Dudley and Michele Rauch

Mae Gilbert Reese*

Mary and Gordon* Reiter

Bill Rietkerk* and Gordon Bird*

Colleen Roberston

Robert Robinson

Dr. David L. Rose

Mr. and Mrs. Bill H. Rowland

Donald Tracy Rumford*

Patricia Rose



Elizabeth L. and Jack* Samson

Nancy S. and Barry Sanders

Ms. Francine Sanders

Kenneth and Althea* Sanson

Mr. Kevin J. Savage and Ms. Britta Lindgren

Malcolm Schneer and Cathy  Liu

Ken & Carol Schultz

Mr. Alan M. Schwartz

Dan and Elaine Seigel

Mr. and Mrs. Pierce T. Selwood

Judith Shaffer

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lewis

Jill and Neil Sheffield

Dr. and Mrs. Edward Shore

Manny and Jackie Silverman

June Simmons

Mr. Lynn F. Sipe

Virginia Skinner*

Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Smallwood

Grady and Shelley Smith

Howard Russell Smith*

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Spelke

Dr. Williametta Spencer

Mr. Lev Spiro and Ms. Melissa Rosenberg

Robert and Ann Stevens

Tom* and Kay Stoever

Dr. and Mrs. I. M. Straughan

Mrs. Faith F. Strong

I.H. Sutnick

Donna Swayze*

Mrs. Marilyn Boren-Sweeney* and Mr. Jack A. Sweeney



Ms. Lucia Takemae

Elisabeth* and Jack* Tamari

Donald Taylor*

Michael Frazier Thompson

Vangie Thomson

Arlette and Porter* Towner

Lisa L. and Charles H. Troe



Ms. Elizabeth Van De Water

Sylvianna Van De Water*

Magda and Frederick* R. Waingrow

Dorothy and John* Waugh

Edna and Maurice* Weiss

Bernice* and Wendell Jeffrey*

Robert Allan White

Mr. Jim F. Whitledge*

Bradley Wigor and Andrae Gonzalo

Jean and Robert* Wilkinson

Ronald Wilkniss

Jean Elaine Willingham*

Mr. Kenneth L. Willner and Mr. Jim Stine

Joan Wilner

Dr. Libby F. Wilson

Helen and Louis* Winer

Mrs. Halina Wolf*

Robert Wood*



Patricia Rose

Ellen and Arnold Zetcher

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry C. Zinser

Contact Us

For further information about the Endowment at the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Hollywood Bowl, or for further information on planned giving, please contact:

Susan Erburu Reardon
Director, Gift Planning
213 972 3541

Kimberley Valentine
Director, Leadership Gifts
213 972 7270

Richard Watkins
Associate Director, Philanthropy 
213 972 7540

Genevieve Goetz
Manager, Gift Planning
213 972 8099

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