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Depending on your concert, we may be able to change the delivery method for your event. If you need to get your tickets electronically, here are the steps:

• Navigate to the My Account Page
• Under My Upcoming Events, click VIEW TICKETS next to the event that you are attending
• Input the desired phone number or email address
• Click SEND

Refunds are only offered in the case of a canceled concert.

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Absolutely! Call Audience Services (323) 850-2000 to change the name on your will call tickets. You will need to provide a name, address, and phone number for the person picking up the tickets for verification at the Box Office.

Multiple copies can bring trouble. Reprinting tickets can invalidate the barcode causing issues at the gate or at your seat. You don’t want to miss invaluable time getting this situation sorted out.

Gift Cards make a great gift for families, friends, coworkers. Visit our Gift Cards page for more information and to purchase.