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Picture Perfect: Photos of the Hollywood Bowl by Otto Rothschild (1906-1981)

On view through June 2024

The exhibit highlights the work of Otto Rothschild, a pioneering self-taught photographer who is responsible for some of the most memorable images in Hollywood Bowl history. The exhibition contains over 130 photographs and 26 artifacts, including some original cameras and personal possessions of Rothschild alongside two large murals.

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Hollywood Bowl: Music For Everyone

Permanent Collection

Hollywood Bowl: Music For Everyone takes its cue from a marketing slogan from the 1950s. In any given season, people can find just about any kind of music at the Bowl.

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Past Collections

Tapes Rolling: David Swedlow Records the Hollywood Bowl

Tapes Rolling: David Swedlow Records the Hollywood Bowl documents the Los Angeles Philharmonic in performance at our iconic venue during the mid and late 1950s through the lens of innovative acrylics manufacturer and audio enthusiast, David Swedlow. Experience the excitement of the golden era of sound with access to our collection of rare recordings and ephemera.

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Summer Nights: Jazz at the Bowl

Summer Nights: Jazz at the Bowl took nearly 19,000 patrons on a journey through the history of jazz performance at the Hollywood Bowl from the earliest days of the swing era through the modern age, as jazz - and all its tributaries - is globally embraced and recognized as an original, and originally American, art form. 

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Postcards from the Bowl

Postcards of the Hollywood Bowl’s iconic shell and its surrounding landscape have been created since the venue's opening in 1922.

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Beatles at the Bowl

In 2014 the Hollywood Bowl Museum celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first Bowl show. On display were vintage photographs, newspaper clippings, and live video footage of both the 1964 show and 1965 shows. This exhibit was on display from 2014 until 2016.

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Historic Concert Programs

Without even looking at the dates, it is easy to place these Hollywood Bowl program covers in their corresponding decade. From the Art Deco designs of the mid-1920s through the expressionist style of the mid-1930s, the modern futurist aesthetic of the mid-1950s and beyond, these programs provide a visual history with the power to transport you back to a magical night in any decade spent under the stars at the Hollywood Bowl.

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Live from the Bowl!

Live from the Bowl! featured vintage sound equipment and musical moments that gave a glimpse into the unique way in which people consumed and enjoyed music over the past nine decades.

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